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What really makes a family? – An adopted woman shares her story

“I’ve always known I was adopted. In fact, I don’t even remember my parents telling me, so I was very little. Both my brother and I were adopted in the early months of our lives, from different families, three years apart.” 

So begins Leslie Scott’s essay on her experience of being adopted. She says: “My adoptive parents are my parents as far as I’m concerned.”  However, despite feeling blessed to be part of her adoptive family, Leslie still had a desire to know where she came from. Despite their own fears, her adoptive parents supported her completely in her quest to find her birth parents and learn about her genetic roots. Although her birth mother refused any contact, Leslie did find her birth father and met his two children – her half siblings. She has little ongoing contact with her biological father or half-siblings, but Leslie feels grateful that she was able to connect with some members of her birth family, and learn about her genetic and medical history. She now feels she has a better understanding of herself in terms of her genetic roots – which is important information that many adoptees wish that they had but are unable to access.

Leslie feels she has now come to a place of self-acceptance. She truly feels that her adoptive parents are her real parents and is grateful for being a part of such a loving family.

Now faced with her own fertility issues, Leslie says she wouldn’t hesitate to adopt if she is unable to have a child. Based on her experiences growing up in her adoptive family she vows, “… I will love that child with my whole life, just as my mom and dad have with me, since the day they first held me in their arms and took me home.” 

Read more about Leslie’s adoption story here:

My adoptive family is my real family [The Globe and Mail]

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