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Archive for January 2014

My partner and I were recently told by our fertility specialist that my eggs are no longer viable and our only chance of getting pregnant is through the use of donated eggs. After considering known versus anonymous egg donation, we decided we’re more comfortable using a known donor. How would you suggest I approach my younger sister about being an egg donor for us, without making her feel pressured?

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Ph.D. Candidate and Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Many people in your situation express anxiety about how to ask someone in their life for this very special and precious gift. They worry about being rejected or putting the potential donor in a position where they feel they don’t have […]

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Fertility preservation neglected at most cancer centres

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments often have a devastating effect on a patient’s fertility – effectively rendering him or her unable to produce a child in the future. Undergoing fertility preservation prior to cancer treatments can provide some insurance that they may have a chance to contribute to a pregnancy in the future. Unfortunately, a recent […]

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Suggestions for boosting your fertility

Thinking of trying to have a baby in 2014? Dr. Edward Marut, Medical Director with Fertility Centers of Illinois recently highlighted a number of habits to break if you’re trying to become pregnant. Dr. Marut suggests that making some simple lifestyle changes in areas such as your diet and getting more sleep can all boost […]

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Giving my daughter and grandchild the gift of life

My name is Helen. I just turned 53 and my husband Bob and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this past year. We have three beautiful children: Pamela, who is 26, Jonathan who is 24, and Peter who is 21. Pamela married her husband Jason two years ago. She’s always known that she wanted to […]

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