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Archive for August 2012

Multiple IVF cycles and age at menopause: New research suggests there may be a link

Since the first successful IVF treatment in 1978, it has been widely believed that the medications and procedures involved in IVF have no long-term, negative effects on later ovarian functioning. However, a recent research study has demonstrated a link between repeated cycles of IVF and the age at which a woman begins menopause. A total […]

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Who would have thought?: Fake tanning lotions may be harmful to your fertility

Think you’re avoiding the negative effects of the sun by getting your tan from a bottle? Think again. While you may be avoiding those ultra violet rays, recent research suggests that you may be exposing yourself to other health risks. Experts are warning that the “cocktail” of chemicals used in fake tanning creams and lotions […]

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The child-free choice: A road taken by an increasing number of women

A recent article in BBC News Magazine profiled women who choose not to be become mothers. The article stresses that once considered an “unnatural” choice, for a variety of reasons, more and more women are remaining child-free. Sociologist Dr. Catherine Hakim, from the London School of Economics, has studied voluntary childlessness in Europe and the […]

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I’m still breastfeeding my 23 month old. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for months and months with no luck. I’m 34 and desperate to have another. Could it be the breastfeeding that’s stopping me?

Written by our medical expert William Buckett, M.D. The quick answer is quite possibly! Breastfeeding, and particularly exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months without any other substance other than breast-milk being fed to the baby, has long been associated with an absence of menstruation. This led to the publication of the Bellagio Consensus in […]

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