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Archive for January 2013

I am a 42 year old lesbian woman who has always wanted to experience pregnancy and become a mother, but I am in early menopause. My 34 year old partner has never wanted to be pregnant but is willing to go through donor inseminations and pregnancy so that we can have a family. I’m glad we have another option but I feel such loss at the same time. Is this normal?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz. Yes this is completely normal. It is wonderful that you have connected with a partner who is willing to conceive and parent children with you. However, there are losses associated with not being able to conceive a biological child, gestate a baby, and give birth. Early […]

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Silent losses: The experience of miscarriage

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, approximately 25% of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many of these occur very early on in a pregnancy – often before a woman knows she is pregnant.  However, five percent of women experience two consecutive miscarriages, while a small percentage experience multiple miscarriages – a medical […]

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If only Henry the VIII knew the truth: Men’s sperm determines the sex of a baby

You might be surprised to learn that chromosomes in men’s sperm determine the sex of a baby! This is how it works. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes – for a total of 46 chromosomes. Half come from our mother and the other half come from our father. These chromosomes also contain DNA or genetic […]

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My doctor said my swimmers are bad, now what?

Written by guest contributor, Dr. Spence Pentland – doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yinstill Reproductive Wellness. Infertility affects 10% to 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide. You might be surprised to know that male factor fertility problems account for 30 – 40 percent of these cases. Since male infertility is such a common problem, it […]

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