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Archive for June 2013

Ectopic pregnancy: A serious and potentially life-threatening condition

In natural conception, in order for a pregnancy to occur, an egg must be released from a woman’s ovary, travel down her fallopian tube, and become fertilized by a man’s sperm. Under normal circumstances, the fertilized egg then travels down into the woman’s uterus where it implants itself and grows into a fetus over the […]

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Stress may damage a man’s sperm and lead to negative fetal outcomes

Previous research has explored how environmental factors such as chronic stress and drug use during a mother’s pregnancy can increase her child’s risk of various diseases and negatively affect the child’s neurological development. However, a recent study with male mice, has explored how the male’s levels of chronic stress may affect offspring. Prior to allowing […]

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I’m 35 and my biological clock is ticking loudly…

My name is Ariadne. I had my 35th birthday two weekends ago. My parents threw me a party and invited all of my family and my close friends and their families. It was a pretty special day –gorgeous and sunny, and I was surrounded by all the people who love me. As I was standing […]

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