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Archive for July 2012

Britain’s oldest first-time mother regrets having a child so late in life

In 2009 Susan Tollefsen became famous for being the oldest first-time parent in Britain. At the age of 57 she became a mother through IVF treatments undertaken in a Russian clinic with the donated eggs of a younger woman and the sperm of her younger partner. At the time, she defended her choice, saying her […]

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What contraceptives can impact fertility? Will I be infertile if I’ve been on Depo-Provera for over 5 years?

Written by our medical expert Stephen Hudson, M.D. Previous contraceptive use may impact future fertility – though thankfully this is usually in a positive rather than negative way. Previous use of Depo Provera may delay resumption of normal fertility though will not negatively effect long term chances of a successful pregnancy. These issues will be […]

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New “app” counts down days, months, and seconds to alert women to their declining fertility

A new app is being marketed as helping women to answer the question: “How much time do I have left?” to have a child. The app asks women to enter their birth date and counts back from 44 years of age in determining when a woman’s fertility clock runs out. Developer Mira Kaddoura says she […]

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Egg freezing before age 35 can help prolong a woman’s fertility.

Women who are delaying childbearing and are concerned about their ability to become pregnant later when they are ready to have children, may want to consider freezing their eggs to use at a later date. This procedure was originally created to provide women facing the damaging effects of cancer treatments with an option to preserve […]

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