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Archive for April 2013

I’m 35 and have always wanted to become a mother. However, I am not in a stable relationship and I don’t have the money to freeze my eggs or have a child on my own. I feel like I’m in a double bind, with my anxiety going up as my biological clock winds down. What are my options? And how do I prepare for the possibility of not being able to have children?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz. You are in a very difficult and painful position and I have worked with many women struggling with exactly your concern. In terms of options, you may choose to get your fertility assessed at a fertility clinic. However, this may or may not alleviate your anxiety.  […]

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Legal considerations when using a known sperm donor

For single women, lesbian couples, and heterosexual couples with severe male factor infertility, the use of donor sperm can be a great option to build their families. When important issues such as disclosure to the child and others are handled well, the research suggests children conceived through the use of this and other third party […]

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Learning the hard way that science has not outsmarted mother nature

My name is Miriam. I am one of those women who delayed motherhood until the age of 40. I was fit and healthy, ate well and practiced yoga. I had no idea that trying to become pregnant would be so difficult. Since I was a teenager I had been bombarded by cultural and media messages […]

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Celebrities may be setting a trend for delaying parenthood

There are numerous reasons why people delay starting their families until later in their reproductive years (e.g., not finding the “right” partner, pursuing career goals, financial circumstances). In addition, celebrities may be contributing to this social and cultural phenomenon in fueling the belief that as long as a woman remains “fit” and “healthy” she too, […]

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