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Archive for September 2013

Sleep loss can affect men’s sperm

According to a new study, men who get too little sleep may be damaging their fertility. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, examined the sleep patterns of 953 young men and compared the results of sperm samples taken from the men. According to lead researcher Tina Kold Jensen, the results […]

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I am 51 and I just found out that my new 38 year old wife is pregnant. I already have 2 grandchildren from my previous children. How will I do it all again? This is supposed to be my relaxing years, my years to be my self again.

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Ph.D. Candidate. It’s understandable that you’re feeling anxious about the thought of becoming a new parent again at 51, especially when you’re already a grandparent and believed that your parenting years were behind you. You certainly are not alone. Many men who had […]

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Doctors to attempt first pregnancy in woman with transplanted womb

Since September 2012, a team of Swedish doctors led by Dr. Mats Brannstrom has performed a total of nine womb transplants to women who want to carry their own child but are unable to do so because they were born with a missing or malformed uterus, or lost their uterus due to cancer. The transplants […]

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No evidence for link between fertility drugs and heart disease

Since the birth of Louise Brown in 1978, there have been concerns about the health risks associated with the use of fertility drugs, including heart disease. However, the results of a recent study conducted by Dr. Jacob Udell and researchers at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Studies suggest that there is no link between fertility […]

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