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Archive for June 2012

In Canada, third party donation (egg, sperm, embryo, surrogacy) must be “altruistic”.

In Canada, third party donors (egg, sperm, embryo, surrogacy) cannot be paid for their donation. However, they can be compensated for any expenses that are incurred during the donation process, such as wages lost for time off work, travel expenses, medical expenses, etc. In other countries, policies and laws on egg donation differ. For example, […]

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Wonder why only 1% of the 300 million sperm released during sex manages to reach a woman’s uterus?

A recent study out of Britain appears to have the answer – it’s all because sperm have an “appalling” sense of direction! The study found that sperm avoids the “middle lane” of the female reproductive tract and crawls along the walls instead. They have difficulty turning corners and often crash into each other (and the […]

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New research suggests that both men and women experience “baby fever”

Generally, “baby fever” – the emotional and physical phenomenon involving sudden and extreme urges to have a baby – has been viewed as something that happens to women rather than men. However, a recent study of 1100 adults (including 211 men) found that some men also experience an overwhelming desire to have children. Not surprisingly, […]

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Doctors support efforts to reduce multiple IVF births

A recent article in The Vancouver Sun highlighted the risks related to multiple births resulting from in vitro fertilization (IVF). In a newly published statement, the IVF Medical Directors of Canada say that they are supporting efforts within fertility clinics to reduce the multiple pregnancy rate by performing more single embryo transfers. Canada has one […]

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