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A different path to motherhood

My name is Patrice. I’m 43. My health is great – I work out most days, I eat well, do yoga, and generally live a fairly balanced and stress-free life. Most people think I’m in my early 30s, and to be honest, that’s how I feel. 40 is the new 30 – right? Little did […]

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Baby girl the first to have three legal parents on birth certificate

Della Wolf has become the first baby in British Columbia, Canada to have three parents listed on her birth certificate. BC’s new Family Law Act came into effect in March 2013 and aims to clarify who is a parent and who isn’t, as more families and individuals use assisted reproduction to have children. According to […]

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I am 38 and have always wanted to have children. But despite a number of relationships I haven’t found “Mr. Right” much less “Mr. Good Fatherhood Potential”. So I’m thinking about using donor sperm to have a child. Surprisingly my family and friends are on board with this, but the question keeps coming up “What will you tell your child about his or her ‘father’?” Can you advise me as to what to say to my child about the donor, and when?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz, Registered Psychologist.  You have said that you have not met the person with whom you want to partner and parent. However, you still very much want to parent a child that is biologically related to you and you have chosen to conceive this child with the […]

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Important issues to consider when using a known sperm donor

A recent court ruling in Kansas highlights the benefits of involving a licensed physician and attorney when using a sperm donor. A US man William Marotta responded to an online ad placed by a lesbian couple, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner who were looking for a sperm donor. The couple used “at home insemination” with […]

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