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Calgary clinic under fire for restricting sperm donor selection

The Calgary Herald published a story on July 25 outlining how a woman seeking fertility treatment at the Regional Fertility Program in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was restricted from using donated sperm, eggs, or embryos that did not share her Caucasian ethnicity. The article cited the private fertility clinic’s policy from their website: “It is the […]

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My partner and I are planning to use a sperm donor to have a child. We’ve spent some time reading the profiles of the donors on the sperm bank sites and we’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the choices. What tips do you have for how to select a suitable donor?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Emily Koert, Registered Clinical Counsellor. Many find the donor selection process a daunting one, because this is a very important decision: deciding on the genes that will contribute to the characteristics and development of your future child. It can be overwhelming because of the sheer amount of information […]

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More British women giving birth to “Viking babies”

A new trend is being seen in Britain where a third of the donor sperm being used is from Danish sperm donors. Britain isn’t the only country where Danish sperm sales are booming – women around the world are selecting Danish donors. Why the increase in popularity? According to Dr. Alan Pacey, a fertility expert […]

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I’m 36, single and always wanted to have kids. I have a good job and am more than ready to be a mom. The hitch is that the guy who I want to have kids with is an old childhood friend. He’s like a brother to me and our relationship is 100% platonic. He’s desperate to become a dad and would make a wonderful father. Am I crazy to be considering this arrangement? Would this be fair to a child? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Ph.D., Registered Clinical Counsellor. A growing number of men and women are deciding to co-parent, or raise a child together outside of a romantic relationship, so you’re certainly not “crazy” to be considering this option. Those who decide to co-parent believe that a child benefits by having […]

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