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Mother and son’s videos show funny side of single parenting

A mother – son duo’s Vines (short videos) highlight the funny and awkward moments of single parenting. Harmony Smith and her 8 year old son, Elliott want to change perceptions of single parenthood through their short videos. The topic appears to appeal to many as their Vine channel has more than 388,000 followers. The videos […]

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New study sheds light on what qualities women look for in a sperm donor

A recent study conducted in Australia sheds light on what qualities and attributes women value in a sperm donor. Economists Stephen Whyte and Benno Torgler surveyed 70 women who were looking for potential sperm donors online through sperm-sharing websites, rather than through fertility and IVF clinics. Published in the Journal of Bioeconomics, the researchers found […]

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I’m 36, single and always wanted to have kids. I have a good job and am more than ready to be a mom. The hitch is that the guy who I want to have kids with is an old childhood friend. He’s like a brother to me and our relationship is 100% platonic. He’s desperate to become a dad and would make a wonderful father. Am I crazy to be considering this arrangement? Would this be fair to a child? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Written by our mental health expert, Emily Koert, Ph.D., Registered Clinical Counsellor. A growing number of men and women are deciding to co-parent, or raise a child together outside of a romantic relationship, so you’re certainly not “crazy” to be considering this option. Those who decide to co-parent believe that a child benefits by having […]

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Study shows children with one parent just as happy as those with two

A recent study provides evidence that children living with one parent are as happy as those living with two parents – findings that are likely to provide relief to those individuals considering sole support parenthood. The study was conducted in the UK by researchers from NatCen Social Research and was recently presented at the British […]

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