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Content Tagged: Third party options

Surrogacy: A positive experience for both families

Surrogacy is a third party reproductive option whereby a couple creates their family with the help of a woman (surrogate mother) who agrees to carry their child to term and after giving birth, relinquishes her legal rights to the child. There are two types of surrogacy – gestational and traditional. In cases of gestational surrogacy, […]

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Different paths to motherhood

Like many experiences in life, popular culture often depicts only one version of women’s transitions to motherhood – one that is perceived to be much like a fairy-tale for some women. Although the process of becoming a mother is often depicted as happening naturally and relatively easily once a woman finds a suitable partner, the […]

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Keeping it in the family: Helping my brother become a father

Hi, I’m Tate. My younger brother Drew was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he was 17. He went through treatment and had one of his testicles removed. Not exactly what your normal 17 year old guy expects to be dealing with! I was 18 then, and just heading off to college. I felt bad being […]

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Age and method of freezing affects the success of egg freezing

Fertility preservation for women involves undergoing the first half of an IVF cycle – with hormones being used to stimulate egg production and eggs being surgically retrieved from the woman’s ovaries. These eggs are then frozen by one of two methods – slow freezing (SF) or rapid freezing through vitrification (VF). In the future when […]

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