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Britain’s oldest sole-support mom of IVF twins wishes she had a partner to help her

After 4 failed IVF attempts, at 58 years of age, single parent Carole Hobson had twins via embryo donation at a clinic in India, making her Britain’s oldest mom of IVF twins. As is common with twin pregnancies, the twins were born 9 weeks early and spent several months in neo-natal care – followed by […]

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Doctors to attempt first pregnancy in woman with transplanted womb

Since September 2012, a team of Swedish doctors led by Dr. Mats Brannstrom has performed a total of nine womb transplants to women who want to carry their own child but are unable to do so because they were born with a missing or malformed uterus, or lost their uterus due to cancer. The transplants […]

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Sperm donation has been around for decades

A recent article profiled Dr. Helena Wright, a renowned doctor and educator who practiced during World War I in England. During this time, with the help of a sperm donor known by the pseudonym “Derek” Helena assisted hundreds of women whose husbands had returned from the war and were unable to father children. Many of […]

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Father becomes one of a growing trend of single men to have a child via a surrogate

Louis DeFilippi, a biochemist from Chicago, always hoped to one day become a father. However, this dream began to fade after his second marriage dissolved when he was in his 50s. Mr. DeFilippi felt it was unlikely that he’d meet a woman willing to become a parent with him at his age, and he assumed […]

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