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If you’re over 40, you can’t take IVF success for granted

Researchers from Yale University recently published a paper in the journal Fertility and Sterility which cautions women over 40 that they can’t rely on IVF as a sure way to get pregnant when they are ready. Although the number of women over 40 seeking IVF has skyrocketed in recent years, the success rates have remained consistent with fewer than 10% of women over 40 becoming pregnant. And when a pregnancy occurs, the miscarriage rates for women in their 40s can be as high as 50%. According to Dr. Patrizio, the chance of a woman going through a pregnancy and giving birth after IVF is only 4.2% for women over 42. In 2010 Canadian fertility clinics reported live birth rates of 12% after IVF for women 40 and over, with success rates dropping to only 1.4% for those women 45 and over who used their own eggs.

Dr. Patrizio, a fertility specialist at Yale Fertility Center in the US, said that “We are really seeing more and more patients upset after failing to have their own biological child after age 43 so we had to report on this”. He feels it is important to inform women about their choices such as egg and embryo freezing, before their fertility starts to decline.

Read a summary of the article here:

Women cannot rewind the ‘biological clock’ [Science Daily]

Read the research article abstract here.

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