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A male’s age is an important factor in a woman becoming pregnant.

Although women often assume there must be something wrong with them if they can’t get pregnant, just as many fertility problems are caused by problems with the man’s fertility. The stats break down this way: 30% of fertility problems are caused by problems with the woman’s fertility, 30% are caused by male factor problems, 30% are a combination of male and female factor issues, and 10% are unexplained. And while women’s fertility declines with age, men’s fertility also  decreases and changes with age. Sperm count and quality are noticeably different in a man’s early 40’s. These changes can affect pregnancy and the health of the child. Older male age is linked with higher rates of miscarriage, no matter how old a woman is.

So if you and your partner are planning to postpone having children, it might be a good idea to consider freezing and banking some sperm now, while you’re younger, for use later, when you’re ready to have kidsRead more about fertility preservation here.

See our questions on how long men and women can safely wait to have a child in our section on Fertility History and Life Span.

If you want more information on male infertility, you can read a helpful resource here. 

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