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Making time to conceive

My name is Rose. I’m a 36 year old human rights lawyer. I’ve been with my partner, Tom for about 5 years. He’s a 38 year old pilot. Both of our jobs require a lot of travel and keep us pretty busy, so we often spend a lot of time apart. We’re excited to start […]

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Poll reveals what most women want to achieve before having children

A recent poll conducted in the UK by the fertility firm OvuSense asked 1,000 currently childless women what they want to accomplish before they become mothers. Consistent with previous research on the influence of a partner on women’s childbearing decisions, the women’s top priority was to be married before having children. Other things the women […]

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Childless professional women worry about the impact of motherhood on their careers

A recent study of 25,000 women between ages 28 and 40 found most women believe that having children will adversely affect their careers. The study was conducted in the UK by gender equality campaign group Opportunity Now. The study also found that two thirds of childless women surveyed said they are expected to work longer […]

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A road more often being travelled: The choice to remain childfree

With the birth rate in America at an all-time low, TIME Magazine’s recent profile of “The Childfree Life” has refueled discussions about the choice not to have children. The latest figures across ethnic groups show that approximately 1 in 5 American women will remain childless – by choice or circumstances – up from 1 in […]

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