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UPDATE: Couple expecting two sets of twins welcomes four healthy baby girls

Tyson and Ashley Gardner, a USA-based couple from Utah, had been shocked to learn that they were expecting quadruplets after 8 years of infertility. Happily, they are now the proud parents of not one but two sets of twin girls: Indie, Esme, Scarlett, and Evangeline. Ashley gave birth via caesarian section. All of the babies […]

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I’m 19 and I’ve just been diagnosed with endometriosis. I know I want to have kids in the future, but I’m still pretty young and don’t have a partner. I’m wondering how this could impact my future fertility in terms of the different treatment options? What should I be considering if I’d like to have a child in the future?

Written by our medical expert Dr. Beth Taylor, co-founder and co-director of Olive Fertility Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia.  Endometriosis is a typically painful condition caused by the uterine lining (called endometrium) being located outside the uterus. These patches of uterine lining can be on the bowel, bladder, and around the uterus, ovaries and tubes. Endometriosis […]

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The downsides of later parenthood

Barbara Metcalfe loves being a mother, but she now wishes that she had her children when she was younger. She initially was a strong advocate for the position that older women made better mothers based on their patience, experience and financial security. Two years ago in a Daily Mail Online article, Barbara said she firmly […]

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The worst thing you can say during infertility

Trying to get pregnant? Tired of people saying “Just relax?” Based on her own experience of infertility, Keiko Zoll says offering unsolicited advice to those who are trying to get pregnant such as “just relax” isn’t helpful. Elisabeth Morray, a psychologist at the Harvard Vanguard Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health in Boston agrees, saying […]

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