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Canadian doctors considering restrictions on fertility treatment for overweight women

Fertility doctors in Canada are considering whether there should be restrictions on providing fertility treatments to obese women. Doctors opposed to the proposed guidelines say that denying overweight women access to IVF is discriminatory, while those in favour of the restrictions say that this is a medical issue, not an issue of discrimination. In 2006 […]

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Celebrities open up about their fertility problems

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, infertility affects 7.3 million women and their partners in the United States. In Canada, infertility is also on the rise, with 16% (roughly 1 in 6 couples) experiencing fertility challenges. Yet, despite the increasing number of people experiencing infertility, there continues to be stigma and secrecy around […]

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Staying up late may affect women’s fertility

A new report published in Fertility and Sterility suggests that women who are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant should avoid being exposed to light during the night. Led by Russel J. Reiter, a professor at the University of Texas Health Center, the research team reviewed previous studies and focused on the effect of […]

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Vasectomy may increase the risk of prostate cancer

Vasectomy has long been considered to be a highly effective method of male birth control. However, according to a recent Harvard study, men who have had a vasectomy may have a higher risk of later developing prostate cancer. Experts aren’t sure why the procedure could affect the incidence of prostate cancer, but speculate that it […]

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