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Children conceived with assisted reproductive technologies are not at greater risk for cancer

The results of a recent study conducted by researchers at the Institute of Child Health (affiliated with University College London) suggest that children conceived using assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs) are not at greater risk of developing cancer as compared to children who were conceived naturally. The population-based study was conducted with the assistance of the […]

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I’ve put in my 5 years…now we’re ready to start our family

My name is Amy. I graduated with a degree in business about 5 years ago. I was recruited to a large consulting firm after graduation which meant that I had to move across the country. My boyfriend Paul decided to come with me since his graphic design company was pretty mobile and as long as […]

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Shift work may negatively affect a woman’s fertility

The results of a recent survey conducted by researchers at Southampton University suggest that a woman’s work schedule – and sleeping patterns – may have an affect on her fertility. Of 100, 000 women surveyed, those with careers that involved shift work were twice as likely to fall into the “sub-fertile” category. These women were […]

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