Can an ancient Chinese massage help couples conceive?

A woman from Cardiff, in the UK, says that she has helped hundreds of women beat infertility through reflexology and reiki massage.

Victoria Miles says that 300 babies have been born in the last 5 years thanks to their mothers receiving an ancient Chinese massage at her natural fertility clinic. Reflexology works on the premise that every area on the foot corresponds to an organ in the body, so massaging specific places on the feet can help alleviate specific health problems. Miles says massaging a patch below the ankle bone is the key to becoming pregnant. Besides helping women become pregnant, she says this treatment helps them relax and sleep better, and it improves their sex drive.

Miles shares the story of one of her clients, Rebecca Jones, who suffered from endometriosis, a condition in which uterine tissue grows outside the uterus. Rebecca was told she needed a hysterectomy, which would have put an end to her dreams of having a child. Instead she had surgery to try to unblock her fallopian tubes and in looking for holistic alternatives she discovered the benefits of reflexology for fertility and general well-being. Months later, she became pregnant naturally and gave birth to a daughter, Georgie. According to Rebecca:

“I spent nearly eight years of healthy eating, cutting out certain things, eating foods to enrich fertility, supplements, operations, fertility treatment with no success. And I’m now blessed with the gift of being a mum after a long struggle during which time doctors told me to have a hysterectomy and to take a number of aggressive drugs.”

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