Site Testimonials

Visitor Feedback:

“The site is amazing! Very comprehensive, informative, and user friendly. Looks wonderful, too. This site is going to help a lot of people!!!”

“The site was very engaging and easy to navigate. The information was presented in a non-judgmental manner (e.g. posing questions for people to consider and strategies for dealing with these issues with your partner).   Being able to ask an expert and know you will get an answer within the month is powerful.  This feature along with being able to share your own story will facilitate people coming back to the site.”

“I forwarded the link to a close friend who is struggling with relationship/”should we have kids” issues — she wrote back with a big thank you. She said she and her partner went through the website together last night and that it served to open up a very helpful dialogue. Thought you’d like some immediate feedback! It must feel so good to know that you are helping people in such a concrete way.”

“I checked out your website! It’s awesome! There is SO much information in there…I even learned some new things. Like…at home FSH tests?! Never knew that existed! And some books in there that I haven’t read yet.”

“Definitely a timely website that is very accessible. I love the logo and the articles! The article title about most of us not knowing that a lot of older celebrity women use younger women’s eggs to conceive definitely stood out to me and I think will to others! Congrats on getting this out there!”

“I just read on laineygossip.com about this website and I’m so happy to see it!! I’m 32 and finally conceived in February. I really struggled finding information that made sense-this website would have been a great resource. Thank you for doing great work and I will share this with my girlfriends trying to get pregnant!!”

And from one of our viewers who posed a question: “Thank you very much for this detailed answer…Thanks again for a wonderful, informative service.”

Feedback from Professionals:

“This is an extremely impressive website – and infertile couples will find the section on decision making and relationships extremely valuable!”

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, Malpani Infertility Clinic, Mumbai, India

“The website is fabulous. The layout itself is inviting, easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. The content is outstanding. I’ve already emailed the link to a number of my physician-friends. A very useful tool, I would think, for their female patients. Well done.”

Dr. Kristina Towill, Kelowna BC

“Wow!! MyFertilityChoices.com is amazing! Thank you for creating this incredible resource. I look forward to adding it it to my site and ensuring that others benefit from the valuable and insightful information you have made available. I think the way you have organized such a broad range of information in such an interesting and entertaining way makes the site really stand out from all the rest.”

Dr. Sandy Caron, Professor, Family Relations and Human Sexuality, University of Maine

“I have had a look at the website and facebook page. Both look wonderful – very informative, user friendly and accessible – congratulations! I am sure this site will be a springboard for discussion and an effective vehicle for individuals to explore their options and choices related to fertility issues. I have passed this information on to my contacts and will continue to share this valuable tool with anyone I feel will benefit.”

Carolyn Burns, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor

“Wow, the MyFertilityChoices website is great and it’s so informative!”

Samantha Yee, M.S.W., Social Worker, Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health, Mount Sinai Hospital

 “I just came across your website, and I had to write you to let you know how impressed I am by the content. I have clients and graduate student advisees who are struggling with balancing plans for future career / education and having a family / children. Now I have a resource that I can send them to, one that I can trust is well-grounded in research. I really appreciate this resource. It will help me in both my career counselling and academic advising.”

José F. Domene, PhD, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, UNB