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My partner and I have been through four cycles of IVF. One ended in an early miscarriage and the other three failed. We’re emotionally and physically exhausted, and financially spent. How do we know when it’s time to stop treatment? Will we regret it? What other parenting options do we have?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Emily Koert, Registered Clinical Counsellor.  Deciding when to stop treatment or move on with different options can be very difficult. It doesn’t help that you’re emotionally and physically exhausted – making decisions under these circumstances isn’t ideal. But something is telling you and your partner that you can’t […]

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My daughter is 16 and would like to get the HPV vaccine. I’m wondering about the risks and benefits of this vaccine, including the implications for her future fertility?

Written by our medical expert Dr. Beth Taylor, co-founder and co-director of Olive Fertility Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia.  The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical, anal, vagina, vulvar and throat cancer. Fortunately there is a vaccine against the most serious types of HPV.  The vaccine is safe, and in […]

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Our son and his wife just told us that they’re going to be starting an IVF cycle after they have been trying for have a baby for the last two years. I had no idea! I’m so upset for them. I want to support them, but I’m worried I might say the wrong thing. How can I best support my son and his wife in their efforts to have a family?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz, Registered Psychologist.  I am so happy to receive your question. I commend you for recognizing that you may not have the words to support your son and daughter-in-law, and as such, may inadvertently say something hurtful. Most people who have not experienced fertility challenges, do not […]

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I’m 30 and my husband is 29. We plan to start trying to get pregnant in the next few months. I’ve been watching my weight, taking folic acid, and trying to eat well. I have a few questions. Is there anything my husband should be doing in terms of his lifestyle, diet, etc. to increase our chances of becoming pregnant? Will abstaining from sex in the 2-4 days before I ovulate increase our chances? Is there anything else we should be doing to increase our chances of conceiving?

Written by our medical expert Dr. Stephen Hudson, Director of the Victoria Fertility Centre in British Columbia, Canada.  These are great questions and it is always smart to be proactive about your fertility. I’ll go through things systematically and address your questions. Healthy choices and lifestyle suggestions for your husband include the following: Avoid habits […]

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