Planning the timing of my pregnancy and maternity leave

My partner Luke and I have decided that we’re going to start trying to have a baby! I’ve been charting my fertility and ovulation using an app, so I have a good idea of when I’m most fertile. Luke and I are both teachers, so I’m hoping to time the pregnancy so that I’m due at the beginning of July, and we both will have the summer off to bond with our baby. I’m planning to take a leave for the first year, so I’ll have 14 months in total with our son or daughter before having to back to work in September. Two of my closest friends are also trying to get pregnant. Hopefully our maternity leaves with overlap and we’ll be able to spend time together doing things like Gymboree and swim classes with our babies. Sounds like a perfect plan to me!

Luke says that I need to be flexible on my timeline because we’re not sure how long it’s going to take to get pregnant. I’m someone who loves setting goals and developing a clear, step-by-step path for how to get there. That’s why I graduated at the top of my class and secured a great teaching position right after getting my teaching certificate. But I know Luke’s right. Things don’t always work out the way or when we want them to. So I can’t be too hard on myself if it doesn’t happen right away. But it never hurts to have a plan, right? And if it doesn’t happen, then we’ll adjust, and come up with a plan B.

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