Mother and son’s videos show funny side of single parenting

A mother – son duo’s Vines (short videos) highlight the funny and awkward moments of single parenting. Harmony Smith and her 8 year old son, Elliott want to change perceptions of single parenthood through their short videos. The topic appears to appeal to many as their Vine channel has more than 388,000 followers.

The videos cover topics related to single parenthood such as being the primary caregiver 24/7, the challenges of dating for a single parent, and how a single parent manages all of the household chores. According to Smith:

“A lot of the things we do have dark themes but we do in a positive way. It’s just showing the reality of how lonely it is to be a single mom or how hard it is to go out on a date when your babysitter doesn’t show up.”

Smith doesn’t want to make fun of single parents, but rather, wants to to “poke fun” at some of the situations she finds herself in:

“If you can see the humor in everything, that is going to get you through life,” she says, adding that she was thrilled when she started getting positive feedback from other single moms or people raised by single moms.

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