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Fertility & Menstrual Cycle

My menstrual cycle is more like 40 days long rather than 28. How do I determine when I’m ovulating? Is it still day 14 even if my cycle is longer?

NOTE: We’re reposting this Ask an Expert post from October 2012 due to popularity and interest from our site visitors.  Written by our medical expert Stephen Hudson, M.D. The quick answer is NO. If a cycle is longer than 35 days, it may be anovulatory (meaning that ovulation did not occur). However if ovulation did […]

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Brazil nuts may boost a woman’s fertility

According to a new study, there is good evidence that women who are trying to get pregnant should include brazil nuts in their diets. Selenium, a natural antioxidant found in protein-rich foods like red meat, seafood, and nuts, has been found to be important to men’s fertility. However, new research suggests that selenium is also […]

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New study suggests link between excessive weight and reduced embryo quality

A new study suggests that there are major differences in the early development of embryos in overweight and obese women, compared to women with a normal weight. The researchers found that the eggs of overweight and obese women are also smaller, which may reduce the likelihood of a successful pregnancy. The study was conducted at […]

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