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Aisha Tyler’s infertility confession

Aisha Tyler, the 43 year old co-host of The Talk, recently revealed on the show that she and her husband Jeff Tietjens have spent several years undergoing costly fertility procedures in their efforts to have a child. Aisha shared that recently, after years of unsuccessful treatments, the doctors told them it is very unlikely that […]

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Admitting we’re childfree-by-choice

My name is Eva. I have a sweet husband, Craig, who is 44. We’ve been married for the last 10 years. I just had my 38th birthday. I work as a personal assistant to an executive producer in a large film company. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot for work. The fact that […]

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Women without children: Challenging gender stereotypes

Women’s fertility choices have long been subject to public scrutiny. Despite progressive social changes that have granted women more freedom in their lives in terms of education, relationships, and career, there still exists the expectation that all women want to become mothers, and if they are able, will have children. However, the reality is that […]

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Christmas without Kids

Managing the holidays when you don’t have kids

I’m one of those women who “missed the boat” – I didn’t ever find the “right” guy to settle down with, and as a result, never had children. I wanted to have kids – especially once I reached my mid-30s – but I couldn’t imagine being a single mom. I just didn’t think that I […]

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