Recent series profiles LGBTQ family building

The Province newspaper recently published a six-part series on assisted reproduction and becoming a LGBTQ parent. They called the series “Pride and Joy” in celebration of these newly emerging families.

The series includes:

Part 1: “One Family’s Story” – the long road of gay and lesbian family building

Part 2: “What Makes a Parent” – families created using third party reproductive options including donor eggs and sperm, and surrogacy

Part 3: “The Rare Canadian Sperm Donor” – the shortage of Canadian sperm donors

Part 4: “Womb for Hire” – international surrogacy

Part 5: “A New Type of Pregnancy” – transgender pregnancy

Part 6: “The New Family Tree” – families with two moms and two dads (or donor “uncles”)

Read the series here.

Read more about LGBTQ family building here.

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