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Gay couple welcomes triplets via surrogate including daughter with Down’s syndrome

We have been inundated recently with recent stories in the media of surrogacy “gone wrong.” However, there are many successful surrogacy stories that don’t get the same attention. One such story is of a gay couple from Quebec, Canada who returned home with all three of their triplets who were born to a surrogate in […]

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Community shows support for gay dads

After worrying that he wouldn’t be able to become a parent because he was gay, Justin Mallard and his partner Brett Rancourt, have been touched by the support shown by their British Columbian community, and hope that sharing their story inspires and give hope to other gay couples who dream of having a family. Mallard […]

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Giving my daughter and grandchild the gift of life

My name is Helen. I just turned 53 and my husband Bob and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary this past year. We have three beautiful children: Pamela, who is 26, Jonathan who is 24, and Peter who is 21. Pamela married her husband Jason two years ago. She’s always known that she wanted to […]

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New law enforces visa restrictions on those seeking surrogacy in India

A proposed law that effectively bans single, gay individuals or couples, and common law couples from accessing surrogacy in India has now been implemented. Read more about the proposed law and the use of surrogacy in India here. This law stipulates that those seeking to enter India for surrogacy services must now apply for a […]

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