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Aisha Tyler’s infertility confession

Aisha Tyler, the 43 year old co-host of The Talk, recently revealed on the show that she and her husband Jeff Tietjens have spent several years undergoing costly fertility procedures in their efforts to have a child. Aisha shared that recently, after years of unsuccessful treatments, the doctors told them it is very unlikely that they will be able to get pregnant. So with a heavy heart, she and her husband finally decided they aren’t going to try any more.

Like many women, Aisha says she didn’t try to become pregnant in her 20’s because she wanted to focus on her career. But she doesn’t regret these decisions:

“We made the decisions we made, and then when it was time to get what we wanted out of a family, we had run out of road. And that’s the reality for a lot of professional women, and I don’t think that they should be made to feel badly or inadequate because of it.”

Aisha hopes her infertility confession helps others going through the same experience to feel empowered to share their story. Indeed, in all her years of being a public figure, she has received more responses to this story than any other. She also wants people to know that there isn’t always a happy ending when going through infertility and medical treatment. Aisha believes that there’s a lot of pressure to keep pursuing fertility treatments even when the process has incredible costs – emotionally, financially, and relationally. She wants people to know that there is no shame in deciding to stop trying to have a child, and in ultimately deciding to remain child-free.

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If you’re considering stopping treatment and living child-free, you may find the following book helpful:

Never to be a mother: A guide for all women who didn’t – or couldn’t – have children. By Linda Hunt Anton. Available on Amazon.

Read about living child-free here.

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