Fertility News

Egg Donation Gift

A remarkable gift of life: Egg donors and recipients

A recent article published in The Guardian provides a glimpse into the experience of egg donation from the perspectives of an egg donor, two women who underwent fertility treatments with donated eggs, and a fertility specialist. Consistent with recent studies of both known and anonymous egg donations, the women discussed in this article were all [...]

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Higher Cost of Treatment

Older IVF patients may end up spending more on fertility treatments

People seeking treatments to have a child through assisted reproductive technologies and in particular IVF (in vitro fertilization) can end up spending a lot more money than they initially anticipated, to achieve their dream of becoming parents. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) the average cost of one IVF cycle in the [...]

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Male Fertility Clock

The ‘male’ biological clock

A recent study conducted by Kári Stefánsson and published in the journal, Nature, found a relationship between advanced paternal age and higher rates of autism and other conditions in the children of older fathers. The results also suggest that men’s fertility begins to decline around age 30. There is some evidence to suggest that the [...]

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Womb Transplant

World’s first successful womb transplant recipient ready to become a mother

In August 2011, 22 year-old Derya Sert underwent the world’s first successful womb transplant performed by Dr. Ozkan (affiliated with Akdeniz University in Turkey). The most significant and common risks of a transplant include rejection of the womb and possible side effects from the anti-rejection medications. But in Sert’s case it has now been over [...]

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