We Are Egg Donors – An online community for egg donors

Raquel Cool and Sierra Falter, egg donors from California and Chicago, together with Claire Burns, an egg donor from Toronto, have founded the web site weareeggdonors.com (WAED). The purpose of the site is to create a community where women who have donated their eggs, whether anonymously or to someone they know, can network and tell their stories. WAED is a neutral platform where the site developers encourage egg donors to share their stories, thoughts, and experiences. Based on their own experiences as egg donors, Claire, Raquel and Sierra feel strongly that the voices and stories of egg donors should be included in the larger global discussions surrounding this ground-breaking new technology.

The developers of the site believe that some egg donors may want to talk about their experiences. According to Claire, some women may just want to say “hey, my experience wasn’t so bad, I donated to a good friend of mine”. Others may have different stories to tell. Says Claire:

“Through weareeggdonors.com, maybe we can help each other out. Extend hands, ears, eyes. Witness each others’ experiences. I think that this is an extremely beneficial social practice.”

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