Fertility News
Ovarian Tissue Preservation

New breakthrough in preserving fertility

A new case report study demonstrates that for three women, transplanted ovarian tissue (frozen, or from an identical twin sister) was successful in preserving fertility after cancer treatments. One of the patients, a Danish woman, had one of her ovaries frozen before undergoing cancer treatment. She has since had 3 children. The other two women, [...]

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Fertility Calculator

A new formula could help predict your chances of getting pregnant

Researchers at Warwick Medical School have developed a mathematical formula to help couples predict their chances of conceiving a child, and to assess when they should seek medical attention if they are having difficulty achieving pregnancy. As a general rule, couples are advised to seek medical attention after unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for [...]

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Why might a woman donate her eggs to help someone else have a child?

Ever wonder why a woman would donate her eggs to a family member, friend or even a total stranger? The most commonly assumed reason is for financial compensation, but a woman may be motivated to donate her eggs for a number of other reasons. Policies on egg donation differ between countries and may affect a [...]

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Is there a link between repeated abortions and adverse health outcomes in future pregnancies?

The results of a recent study published in Human Reproduction suggest that there may be an association between multiple abortions and increased risk for negative health outcomes in future pregnancies. This study is one of the largest observational studies to explore the association between repeated abortions and future pregnancy and child health outcomes. Almost 400,000 [...]

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