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My unconventional path to parenthood

My name is Nancy. I met my husband Bob when I was 45 years old. He had just turned 50. At that point, I had pretty much given up on becoming a mother. There were signs I was entering perimenopause and I didn’t see a partner anywhere on the horizon. But when I met Bob, […]

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Canadians unable to access IVF success rates

IVF success rates can and do vary between clinics. This information is important when individuals and couples are trying to determine which clinic will likely give them their best chance at having a baby. While government agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom require fertility clinics to report the success rates of the […]

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More British women giving birth to “Viking babies”

A new trend is being seen in Britain where a third of the donor sperm being used is from Danish sperm donors. Britain isn’t the only country where Danish sperm sales are booming – women around the world are selecting Danish donors. Why the increase in popularity? According to Dr. Alan Pacey, a fertility expert […]

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Feeling nervous about my pregnancy and motherhood

My name is Nisha. My husband Naveen and I started trying to conceive a few months ago. The test I took today confirmed what I already thought was true: I’m 8 weeks pregnant. I didn’t expect that it would happen this quickly. Don’t get me wrong – we want to have a baby and I’m […]

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