Transgender couple share how they’ll tell their children how they were born

Bianca and Nick Browser are a transgender couple with two sons, Kai, age 3 and Pax, age 1. They are preparing for the day when they tell their sons that it was their mother who got their father pregnant, and their father who gave birth to them. Bianca was born a male named Jason, and Nick was born a female named Nicole. When they transitioned to the opposite sex, they didn’t have their sex organs removed, so they were able to use Bianca’s sperm, and Nick’s eggs and uterus to have their sons.

The couple says that it’s important that their sons know the truth, in a way that they can understand. As Bianca says:

“It’s nothing we are ashamed of so I have no dread telling our children where we came from or how we previously lived our lives.”

Nick adds:

“We will tell them when they are ready, when they start asking questions about me being pregnant and about the old family pictures they may see of me dressed as a girl and Bianca as a boy. As they get older they will understand more. We feel being honest with them from an early age will preserve the relationship we currently have with them.”

The couple hopes that sharing their story might help dispel stereotypes and prejudices against transgender people.

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