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More British women giving birth to “Viking babies”

A new trend is being seen in Britain where a third of the donor sperm being used is from Danish sperm donors. Britain isn’t the only country where Danish sperm sales are booming – women around the world are selecting Danish donors.

Why the increase in popularity? According to Dr. Alan Pacey, a fertility expert at the University of Sheffield, one of the reasons is a shortage of sperm available in the UK. He says:

“We don’t have enough donors in the UK to meet the national need… We don’t have the clinic infrastructure sufficient to recruit enough donors – even when men want to donate.” 

A British law prohibiting anonymous donations may also be contributing to the shortage of suitable “local” donors. Since 2005, sperm donors in the UK must agree to the possibility of being contacted by offspring created with their sperm, once the children reach the age of 18. While many men in the UK are not comfortable with this requirement, an increasing number of donors from Denmark are willing to waive their right to anonymity. While financial compensation is an incentive for some men to donate their sperm, another motivation cited by Danish donors is the desire to help people have children.

But availability isn’t the only reason that more British woman are selecting Danish sperm donors. Many women are attracted by the blue eyed, blond looks and “dependable” nature of Danish sperm donors. According to an amused Dr. Pacey:

‘It’s a bit like the Viking invasion of 800 AD. They’ve invaded us once by boat and now they’re doing it by sperm!”

Read more about the trend here and here.

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