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Making time to conceive

My name is Rose. I’m a 36 year old human rights lawyer. I’ve been with my partner, Tom for about 5 years. He’s a 38 year old pilot. Both of our jobs require a lot of travel and keep us pretty busy, so we often spend a lot of time apart. We’re excited to start […]

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Gen Y and Millennial women having more kids and rejecting helicopter parenting

A new study conducted in Canada suggests that the newest generation of mothers is doing things differently than the generations of women before them. They are abandoning the “helicopter parenting” style of older mothers, and having more kids than women of the previous generation. 1,633 Canadian mothers between the ages of 18 and 34 were […]

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Stress may reduce sperm quality

It has long been assumed that stress affects women’s fertility, although the research findings on the relationship between stress and fertility for women have been mixed. The same appears to be true for men. A recent study published in the journal, Fertility and Sterility, suggests that psychological stress is also harmful to sperm quality. The […]

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I am planning to get a copper IUD in about a month. I am wondering if having this non-hormonal IUD will skew the results of any fertility tests I take once it is in place, and if so, whether I should get my fertility tested before I get the IUD? I also wonder how stress levels affect the results of fertility testing? I’ve been under a lot stress and am wondering how long I should wait after things settle down, before taking the fertility test?

Written by our medical expert Dr. Stephen Hudson, Director of the Victoria Fertility Centre in British Columbia, Canada. In order to answer your question appropriately I would really require more details. Specifically I would need to know whether or not you have tried to conceive before, how heavy, uncomfortable, and regular your menstrual periods are, […]

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