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The importance of nutrition even before pregnancy!

A recent study published in Nature Communications suggests that what a woman eats before she is pregnant can have an impact on the health of her future children. The study was conducted with the Medical Research Council’s unit in Gambia, West Africa and led by Dr. Andrew Prentice, of the London School of Hygiene and […]

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Leaving my relationship for a chance at motherhood

My name is Rachel. Wendy and I met when we were in our late 20s and moved in together when we were in our early 30s. We had the “kid” talk before we moved in. At that point, we were both fairly certain that we didn’t want children. Most of our friends didn’t have kids, […]

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A snap choice? Research shows childless couples make decision after one conversation

New research sheds some light on how couples make the decision to remain child-free. The study was conducted at Middlesex University in the UK and surveyed 75 childless women over age 35 who did not want children. The results showed that approximately 36% of the respondents had decided not to have children after just one […]

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11 common myths fertility doctors hear

Approximately one in six couples experience fertility problems. In honour of National Infertility Awareness Week in the United States, Dr. Angeline Beltsos, the medical director at Fertility Centers of Illinois, highlighted the myths that fertility doctors hear. The most common misconceptions include fertility and age, for example, assuming that male fertility doesn’t decline with age, […]

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