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Couple undergoing IVF on live TV

Jessica Menkhausen and Derek Manion, both 33, have put their wedding on hold to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the hopes of having a baby. Jessica has dealt with fertility problems for the last 9 years, including two ectopic pregnancies. The couple has decided to chronicle their IVF procedure on live television on NBC’s Today Show. On Tuesday, September 24, during a live broadcast from an operating room at St. Luke’s Hospital, in St. Louis, Missouri, Jessica had her eggs harvested by Dr. Nancy Snyderman.

After Jessica’s eggs were harvested, they were fertilized with Derek’s sperm. If fertilization is successful and the couple end up with viable embryos, Jessica will return to the hospital for another procedure to transfer the embryos into her womb. This procedure will also be broadcast on the Today Show.

When asked why she’d choose to share such a private process on live television, Jessica said she wanted to enlighten other women who are having similar fertility challenges. According to Jessica, telling her story has also helped her deal with her fears about the emotional, physical, and practical costs of IVF.

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