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What are the costs of social egg and sperm freezing in Canada and are any of these costs covered by provincial health plans? Are there any risks involved with these methods of fertility preservation and how long can eggs and sperm be safely stored?

Written by our medical expert, Dr. William Buckett.  Social egg freezing is when a woman chooses to have some of her eggs frozen, usually before the age of 35, for the purpose of avoiding the decline in fertility that is associated with aging. This is called social egg freezing because the process is being undertaken […]

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Building a family through adoption

Adoption can be a wonderful way for singles and couples to build their families. Although adoption can be a highly rewarding way to bring a child into your life, it requires commitment and careful consideration. Perhaps the first and most important consideration is whether you feel you can open your heart and your home to […]

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Losing our baby: The pain of a miscarriage

My name is Grace. I’ve been reading the personal stories on this site since last year, and when my partner Cara and I started IUI treatments with donor sperm 10 months ago, I thought I’d be writing in to share the news of my pregnancy. Sadly, the story that I am sharing is a different […]

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Creating a family in another country: The risks of “reproductive tourism”

It is not uncommon for some people to seek fertility treatments outside of their home countries – a practice that has been dubbed “reproductive tourism” or “fertility tourism”. There are numerous reasons why a couple may travel to another country in an effort to create their family. For example, fertility treatments are not legally available […]

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