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Caffeine consumption may reduce a woman’s fertility

Caffeine is a drug – a nervous system stimulant – that is found not just in coffee, but in many other foods and beverages, such tea, chocolate, energy drinks, and some soft drinks (e.g., Coca Cola). Common side effects of caffeine consumption include increased heart rate, hyper-alertness, a rise in blood pressure, and higher metabolism. […]

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The relationship between age and the success of IVF

As more and more women delay childbearing into their 30s and even 40s, many women believe that they can turn to fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) to have a family, if they have difficulty getting pregnant. However, the reality is that IVF does not guarantee that a woman will be able to […]

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Diapers and sleep deprivation: The challenges of first-time parenthood

Many first-time parents are overjoyed when they first find out the news that they are expecting a baby. They excitedly share the news with family and friends, and dream about what their new life as a parent will look like. However, no matter how many parenting books mothers- and fathers-to-be may read, the reality is […]

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I am forty years old and have been through 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles. My fertility specialist is recommending a third cycle, but I’m concerned about the long-term risks from the drugs. What are the risks associated with IVF and do these risks get greater with each additional cycle?

Written by our medical expert, Dr. Steven Hudson. Thank you for the question – which is a very prudent one. The first question to ask is whether or not another IVF cycle for you has a reasonable chance of success. I am assuming because your fertility specialist has suggested it, you must have had good […]

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