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Egg Freezing

Social egg freezing: The reasons some women freeze their eggs

In today’s social climate, there is a trend toward women waiting until their late 30s and early 40s to have children. This trend has been happening even though many women know that their fertility declines as they get older, and that it might be more difficult and take longer to get pregnant the longer they […]

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Single Mother

Getting ready to become a mother … on my own

My name is Mary. I’m 37 years old and work as an ER nurse. Although I only came out as a lesbian to my family several years after finishing high school, I always knew that I loved women. I knew that meant that when I wanted to have a baby, I’d need some “outside” assistance. […]

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Sexual Intimacy

Having intercourse on the days before ovulation may increase pregnancy rates.

Couples who are trying to conceive often wonder if there is an optimal time to have sex in order to maximize their chances of getting pregnant. Many are surprised to learn that waiting until the woman ovulates, may not be the best way to increase their chances of a pregnancy. Rather, being intimate on the […]

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Fertility Testing

I am a 34 year old woman and wondering about the easiest and best way to test my fertility. Would the fact that I’m currently using birth control (depo provera injections every 3 months) interfere with fertility testing or affect the accuracy of the results?

Written by our medical expert, Dr. William Buckett. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to test anyone’s fertility except by trying to conceive. This is because there are multiple reasons why a particular couple may have difficulties in achieving a pregnancy. When couples do not conceive, it is normal to investigate all aspects of fertility […]

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