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Why might a woman donate her eggs to help someone else have a child?

Ever wonder why a woman would donate her eggs to a family member, friend or even a total stranger? The most commonly assumed reason is for financial compensation, but a woman may be motivated to donate her eggs for a number of other reasons. Policies on egg donation differ between countries and may affect a […]

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I’m using donor sperm from a sperm bank to have a baby. I’m not sure if I should use an anonymous or open identity donor. What should I be considering when I’m deciding what type of sperm to buy?

Written by our mental health expert, Karen Kranz, Ph.D. When you say “I” am using donor sperm I assume this means that you are not currently in a relationship and are planning to have a child on your own. This is an important consideration, in that it means you don’t have to take the needs, […]

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Chronic stress may affect your fertility

The effects of ongoing stress may play a role in both women’s and men’s fertility. Although the exact link between stress and fertility remains unknown at present, it appears that certain hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol – hormones which often rise and remain high during times of chronic stress – may affect women’s and […]

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Is there a link between repeated abortions and adverse health outcomes in future pregnancies?

The results of a recent study published in Human Reproduction suggest that there may be an association between multiple abortions and increased risk for negative health outcomes in future pregnancies. This study is one of the largest observational studies to explore the association between repeated abortions and future pregnancy and child health outcomes. Almost 400,000 […]

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