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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can affect fertility

Most women at various times in our lives struggle to accept our bodies, and even engage in various diets. However, for a small percentage of women (and even men), body dissatisfaction can lead to serious eating problems such as bingeing and purging (Bulimia) or extreme food restriction (Anorexia). Excessive exercise is also common. There are […]

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Ovarian Tissue Preservation

New breakthrough in preserving fertility

A new case report study demonstrates that for three women, transplanted ovarian tissue (frozen, or from an identical twin sister) was successful in preserving fertility after cancer treatments. One of the patients, a Danish woman, had one of her ovaries frozen before undergoing cancer treatment. She has since had 3 children. The other two women, […]

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Fertility Calculator

A new formula could help predict your chances of getting pregnant

Researchers at Warwick Medical School have developed a mathematical formula to help couples predict their chances of conceiving a child, and to assess when they should seek medical attention if they are having difficulty achieving pregnancy. As a general rule, couples are advised to seek medical attention after unsuccessfully trying to conceive a child for […]

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Ways to maximize your egg quality

Many people believe that the most important factor in a woman’s fertility is the quantity of eggs she has in her ovaries. While the number of eggs can be important, the quality of a woman’s eggs is even more important. Egg quality refers to how prepared a woman’s eggs are to develop into an embryo […]

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