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Young Women and Men

University-aged young adults don’t know the facts about how fertility declines with age

A new study published in the journal, Human Reproduction, suggests that university-aged young adults are unaware of age-related fertility decline, over-estimate the success rates of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF, and see these treatments as available back-up plans if they have difficulty becoming pregnant. The study surveyed 246 American male and female university students

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Voluntarily Childless Couple

We’re Not Having Kids, and It’s OK

I’ve never had the urge to have kids, but I always kept it in the back of my mind as a possibility – maybe more because I felt like it was what everybody did and everyone expected me to do. In my 20s I went to college and in my 30s I dated casually. But […]

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Birth Control Pills

Taking birth control pills doesn’t cause infertility.

Taking birth control pills suppresses ovulation, but it does not damage the ovaries, or cause infertility. Some doctors suggest that women wait a few months after going off birth control pills for their cycles to return to normal before trying to become pregnant. Women may think that taking birth control pills has caused them to […]

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I’m 34 and single but want to have kids at some point in the future. My mom went into premature menopause at age 37. Is premature menopause hereditary? Should I be concerned about my fertility?

Written by our medical expert Stephen Hudson, M.D. The short answer to your question is “yes”. You may be at risk for premature menopause, and are right to be concerned about your fertility. I think a brief explanation of ovarian biology would do well to start. All women are born with a finite number of […]

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