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Age and method of freezing affects the success of egg freezing

Fertility preservation for women involves undergoing the first half of an IVF cycle – with hormones being used to stimulate egg production and eggs being surgically retrieved from the woman’s ovaries. These eggs are then frozen by one of two methods – slow freezing (SF) or rapid freezing through vitrification (VF). In the future when […]

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My partner and I have received the devastating news that we will not be able to have our own children using my eggs and his sperm. We are consideration sperm and egg donation. How will we know if we’re emotionally ready for this family building option?

Written by our mental health expert, Dr. Karen Kranz. In order to build this foundation we first need to talk about the pain you have both experienced when you received the diagnosis that your eggs or sperm were not viable options for conceiving. I imagine that your have felt and perhaps continue to feel shock, […]

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Creating a family in another country: The risks of “reproductive tourism”

It is not uncommon for some people to seek fertility treatments outside of their home countries – a practice that has been dubbed “reproductive tourism” or “fertility tourism”. There are numerous reasons why a couple may travel to another country in an effort to create their family. For example, fertility treatments are not legally available […]

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Legal Agreement

Legal considerations when using a known sperm donor

For single women, lesbian couples, and heterosexual couples with severe male factor infertility, the use of donor sperm can be a great option to build their families. When important issues such as disclosure to the child and others are handled well, the research suggests children conceived through the use of this and other third party […]

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