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New film documents the issues faced by kids conceived using donated sperm

The newly released documentary “Generation Cryo” explores the issues that are faced by the current generation of adolescent children who were conceived 15 to 20 years ago with the assistance of anonymous sperm donors. This film highlights how, in their efforts to trace their genetic roots, these kids are redefining what “family” means. “Generation Cryo” […]

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Things to consider before pursuing fertility treatments

A recent article by Miriam Zoll published in Lilith Magazine highlighted the 10 things she wishes she had known before pursuing in vitro fertilization. Zoll and her husband underwent several expensive IVF treatments, including two attempts using the donated eggs of younger women. After several years and thousands of dollars worth of unsuccessful treatments and […]

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Use of egg donation on the rise

Two articles recently profiled the increase in use of donor eggs to achieve a pregnancy. Articles in The National Post and The Daily Mail Online profiled a recent US study conducted by researchers at Emory University and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study found that an increasing number of women are […]

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New “Digital baby” screen available for those using sperm donors

A new service will be available by the end of the year that weaves together the DNA of prospective parents to screen for potential genetic diseases. This will initially be focused on donor sperm, which will stimulate how a particular donor’s genetic sequence will combine with the genetic sequence of a female patient in a […]

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