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Egg Freezing

Social egg freezing: The reasons some women freeze their eggs

In today’s social climate, there is a trend toward women waiting until their late 30s and early 40s to have children. This trend has been happening even though many women know that their fertility declines as they get older, and that it might be more difficult and take longer to get pregnant the longer they […]

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The high costs of having, and raising children

Most people know that raising children costs money. From diapers and strollers to clothing, health care, food and schooling, parenthood can put a strain on a family’s financial resources. But would-be parents might be surprised to learn just how expensive raising a child really is. According to MoneySense magazine, it will cost today’s parents a […]

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Taking the Plunge

Taking the plunge while we’re still young

My husband Dan and I met during our first year of college. We had lots of fun together as college students, but both knew we wanted to settle down once we finished school. We graduated, found jobs, got married, and bought a house all in the same year. Phew – it was a busy time! […]

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Social Egg Freezing

Social egg freezing – An option for women who aren’t yet ready to have children

“Social egg freezing” is a relatively new fertility procedure in which a woman elects to have her eggs frozen for non-medical (i.e., “social”) reasons, such as not meeting the “right” partner or delaying the process of having children while she pursues other life goals (e.g., travel, career, financial security). Many women know they want to […]

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