Tips to ensure healthier sperm

Did you know that a popular fashion trend may contribute to male infertility? Dr. Paul Serhal, Medical Director for the London Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, and one of the United Kingdom’s leading fertility experts, shares the five most common mistakes that his male patients make when trying to conceive. According to Dr. Serhal, heat is a major factor in male infertility, so men should avoid situations where their testicles are exposed to unnecessary or prolonged heat. One such situation is wearing skinny jeans. He says:

Skinny jeans might be fashionable but they’re not conducive to fertility. If the testicles are squashed, this will generate friction which will in turn generate heat.”

Other culprits that men should avoid that can reduce their fertility include heat generated from laptops and Jacuzzis, along with the friction caused by excessive cycling.

Infrequent ejaculation can lead to fertility difficulties. When the sperm is left sitting for too long, DNA fragmentation in the sperm can occur, reducing the likelihood of conception. Dr. Serhal suggests that men should ejaculate at least two to three times a week when they are trying to get their partners pregnant.

Finally, he says that men should take anti-oxidants to improve sperm quality and vitamins C, E, Zinc, and Selenium in order to optimize their fertility.

Read more about Dr. Serhal’s suggestions here.


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