An aspirin a day may help some women carry their babies to term

For a British couple, an aspirin a day did more than keep the doctor away – it helped them conceive and become parents to son Alfie.

After two miscarriages and seven unsuccessful IVF cycles, Sarah and Chris Broadfield were told by their doctors that Sarah’s miscarriages were likely caused by Antiphospholipid syndrome (AS) an rare immune system disorder that causes an increased risk of blood clots. Individuals with AS can develop deep vein thrombosis and artery clots, and pregnant women with AS can experience multiple miscarriages. Doctors suggested that Sarah take an aspirin a day in order to thin her blood and reduce the risk of miscarrying again.

After receiving this advice, Sarah underwent another round of IVF and began taking aspirin and an anti-clotting injection daily. Initially pregnant with twins, the couple was relieved that one of the babies developed normally and went full term. Sarah gave birth to their son Alfie in August 2014.

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